Arduino Enclosure (Part 3)

Part 1234567

As usual, it is when I am looking for something that I find something else!

NKC Electronics and Smart Electronics are selling a cute enclosure here and here. From what I see, it may be difficult to add displays and commands. On the other hand, it looks very compact and rugged.

NKC Electronics Enclosure for Arduino

Lextronic and some other companies are selling the older fashion
enclosure in which Arduino fits well. But the front plate shall be difficult to cut (e.g. LED or LCD dsplays apertures)

In my opinion, the standard Wisher box, WH2853 (130 x 70 x 45 mm), will do the job as well at a 5 times cheaper price


It is probably the enclosure that Libellum uses for its SquidBee Mote

Sparfun sells a stronger product, which will probably satisfy those who need a rugged enclosure:

You should also check this page which contains a bunch of cool solutions

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