RTC Module (Part 4)

Part 1234567

Encoder library + LCD libray + RTC library + some more code = MicroCLK!

MicroCLK is a fancy little clock which displays time and date. It has a real basic (verybasic!) alarm function. The application is menu driven: hour, minute, seconds, day, month, year, alarm hour, alarm minute, alarm activation/deactivation.

The hardware is limited to an Arduino Board, 1 LCD (2 lines, 16 characters), 1 rotary encoder, 1 Maxim Dallas DS1306 RTC, one quartz and a lithium battery.

Plug it to a DC power supply, set parameters for once and have fun with it!

Please check this page if you are interested in the code.

Known bugs, flaws, defects and lacks:

  • Default values of parameters are not recorded in EEPROM (Alarm settings)
  • The alarm function could be improved (e.g. buzzer)
  • No radio synchronisation with reference clock (e.g. DCF-77)
  • Your comment: …

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