Thanks for visiting my blog. I am running some statistics on the visits of this blog since I created it in June 2010. I am sure that some sales departments would love to show the same progress 😉

They are usefull for me for orienting the subjects in the direction of the greatest interest of the visitors. Nothing more. You were more than 500 (unique) visitors on site yesterday, which is my all times records!

The subjects related to FFT and DDS pages are the big winners, as well as the early temperature reader. Keep posted with the new pending project using the RSS feed.

Many spammers try to pollute blogs with more or less clever post, so that I wish that the related comments make an explicit reference to the related post or subject. Thanks for that.


  1. Jean-Francois Theoret says:

    It’s a testament to the quality of your writings!!! Thanks for sharing your experiments and thoughts.

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