xxx2DIL adapters (part 3)

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As usual, I was looking for something different when I found commercial products on Farnell web site.
Take this MSOP8 to DIL8 adapter as an example,

Description :

  • Hole Diameter:1mm
  • External Height:10.4mm
  • External Width:16.2mm
  • Board Thickness:1.5mm
  • Board Material:FR4 Epoxy Glass
  • Connector Type:MSOP-8
  • Copper Coating Density:chem. Au 0.08 – 0.1 µm
  • Copper Thickness:35µm
  • External Length / Height:10.4mm
  • Hole Pitch:2.54mm
  • Material:Epoxied FR4
  • No. of Copper Coated Sides:2
  • No. of Holes:8
  • PCB Hole Diameter:1mm
  • PCB Size:16.20 x 10.40 mm
  • Pad Area:1.50 mm Ø
  • Pad Diameter:1.5mm
  • Pitch Spacing:2.54mm
  • Row Pitch:0.65mm
  • Type:SMT Device Adapter
  • Clean little PCB, state of the art, but it is not cheap at all! And they do not even come with headers 🙁

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