xxx2DIL adapters (Part 1)

Soldering sub DIL chips, leg by leg can be dangerous. Not only because you breathe soldering material fumes (Hum, no fumes extractor yet at home :-. ) but also because you may burn your nose (Yes, I did that, it hurts :-] ).

So this is a picture of my last attempt to to this stupid job: it is a DS1394 RTC in ┬ÁMax-10 package

Now has come the time to get my PCB making tools back from the garage and give them a try. And well, the first try is quite promissing!

Hum, not so clean, but who cares as long as there are no shorts!

And now, some good news (well, I hope so) for the visitors of Arduinoos! I’m currently building a specific Eagle libray containing the various components that I described in this blog + an Eagle project containing the drawings for the xxx2DIL adapters…

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