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I got a mail from an Arduinoos fan who is new to Arduino and C programming and asked me for some advises. As this not the first request, I will try a quite exhaustive answer for all beginners.
Firstly, we all were beginners some day! One fraction of second after typing the first lines of code, we already are C… nerds! I take my very good friend René as witness of my resistance to quit VB and start with the real C programming. The need for efficient Arduino code drove me to start with C, and to get a first flavour of the legitimately feared pointers.

  • Firstly, you may read these two very well written documents (Essential C and Pointers and memory). As long as you stick to sketches and simple libraries, this all you need to know. Once you are familiar with them, you are ready to read any other advanced documentation.
  • Start with small, simple applications
  • Test, test, test. We are all prone to make mastikes!
  • The boring bugs love to settle in blur code
  • Perform frequent backups (twice a day is not a lot!); you may have to get back to the last working version very often
  • Be patient and have a drink/walk/sleep if you fail to find this #@%$§# bug. You will be surprised to fix it in seconds after this break!
  • Add /* Comments */ as much as you can
  • Split your code in libraries if your sketch is longer than 500 lines, and use a more appropriate code editor.
  • HTH
    Good luck now!

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