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After making some recent adjustments to my policy which was applicable to code distribution, after taking into account some interesting discussions on open source and the diffusion mode of open source code from Arduinoos, I finally made the decision to set a new policy.

Arduinoos code shall be available to all, but you will be charged on the following basis:
For each requested library (PlainXXX) or application (MicroXXX), you will be charged for a fixed price of 57€ (VAT not inlcuded) to which you will add 10€ per Kb of code. E.g. PlainFFT will cost you 57€ + (2.15 + 6.39) * 10€ = 142.4€.

For the next coming revisions of code, you will only be charged for the variable cost, on a 1€ per Kb of code basis. The user documentation and the examples shall be available for free. The code is still available as is, without formal warranty and “best effort” support.

In this way, you will not have to send any private information to me, except your credit card number for billing. A new page for placing your orders is under construction and will be available in the next coming days.

… April Fool’s !!!

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