Connecting AVRISP to Arduino (Part 1)

Part 123, 4

This post introduces a new series dedicated to Avr programmers

We will start today with the AvrISP mkII, a small, quite cheap and handy programmer. Not like usual, I will not put a good word on Arduino. Arduino boards are missing the little red dot next to pin 2 from the ICSP connector in order to prevent mistakes and avoid some unexpected smoky board: ah, the smell of hot semiconductors…

So, here is a short recap of the way to connect an AVRISP (Mark II) on Arduino UNO.

Pinout of the ICSP connector on board (view from top):

MISO |1 2| +5V
SCK  |3 4| MOSI
RST  |5 6| GND


Pinout of the ICSP connector on cable:

cable side
---red--  +5V |2 1| MISO
-------- MOSI |4 3| SCK
--------  GND |6 5| RST

This means that the header tab faces the reset button when properly installed on the Arduino board.


Here is the final assembly


Next post shall explain how to burn a bootloader on arduino via the ICSP.

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