Connecting AVRISP to Arduino (Part 2)

Part 123, 4

Uploading a fresh version of the bootloader to Arduino (UNO/Duemilanove)

Connect AVRISP and Arduino


  • Power the Arduino board using an external DC power supply (7 to 12 V).
  • If necessary set the power supply jumper of the Arduino Board to external.
  • Connect the ICSP programmer to the ICSP port on the Arduino board.
  • Connect the ICSP programmer to a USB cable.
Note:  The led on the ICSP programmer should turn green
  • Open Arduino IDE
  • Select the board type in the menu Tools | Board
  • Upload the bootloader using menu Tools | Burn Bootloader

Note:  The led on the ICSP programmer should be orange while the internal green led flashes
The message “Done burning bootloader.” is displayed on screen like this

Once the bootloader is burnt on the MCU, the led on the ICSP programmer should be green again, and the Arduino led attached to digital port 13 flashes (Blink led sketch has been loaded and is running)

  • Restore power supply jumper to USB is necessary

Connect the AVRISP MKII to the PC.

  • First time connection: Windows recognizes the device and asks for the installation of an appropriate driver. In case of necessity, the drivers directory path C:\Program Files\arduino-xxxx\hardware\tools\avr\utils\libusb\bin .
  • Reinstall driver: right click on My Computer, Manage, Peripherals, select the peripheral and remove it. Unplug the AVRISP MKII and follow the first time connection procedure.

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