New kid in town (Part 1)

Part 1

Talking each other can help sharing information faster than any HiTech means! While tchating each other yesterday at a local meeting dedicated to “Tiers lieux”, I discovered the Texas Instruments initiative in the “open world”. Tadaaa, and now let’s introduce the LaunchPad!


This little cheap (5€) development kit features:

  •  Supported micro controller: MSP430
  •  Kit content: LaunchPad Emulator, Mini USB-B Cable, Quick Start Guide
  •  Caracteristics: Integrated USB-powered Flash Emulation Tool, Built-in Flash Emulation for Debugging and Programming, 14/20-pin DIP (N) Socket

And here is the freeware IDE. Arduino fans will feel like home in spite of the flashing red interface!


Get a fresh copy from here

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