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PlainDSP (Part 4)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4 Here is the autonomous version of the sound meter which principle is described in PlainDSP (Part 3). The picture below shows the full schematics of the device   And here is the code of MicroSNDMTR_LCD, which includes the auto-ranging algorithm /* MicroSNDMTR_LCD: Micro sound meter connected to LCD 2×16 display Exemple of use of the […]

Fast prototyping

Some of you might be familiar with lean management, less may have heard about the emerging concept of lean startups! As there are probably as many startups as variations of this new concept, I will not try to precisely define lean startups. However I can give multiple examples drawn from my own experience to illustrate some fundamental principles of this […]

Flash news

Siegfried BURGEOT, Project Manager at the CRIJ – Poitou Charente invites the fans of high tech, open source, hackers, geeks at a … Meeting at the EESI (École Européene Supérieure de l’Image) Espace Scénique 1st floor 21 May from 13:00 to 18:00 26 Rue Jean Alexandre, 86000 Poitiers – France / + (In case of […]

PlainDSP (Part 3)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4 —————————————————————————— Important notice: The huge popularity of PlainDSP (merge of PlainFFT and PlainADC libraries) and the numerous requests for help drove me to think about a convenient solution for all designers, artists, students, professors, R&D people, prototypists who need to understand, experiment, create systems which feature advanced Digital Signal Processing on Arduino. The result […]