3D Printing (Part 1)

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Many people talk about 3D printers, happy few are running the early models, and I am part of them 😉

We bought a Makerbot Replicator 2x in the context of the startup that I co-funded, after spending a couple of weeks investigating web sites, running demos and getting information from FabLabs in the US. We tried to build a cross comparison table, but the equation was by far too complex in contrast with the compulsive attirance for a 3D printer NOW!

Anyway, the decision was driven by objective factors:

Price: not really an issue for us, except that there is a big gap between industrial products and more amateur products

Cost of use: We disliked the list of proprietary consumables from industrial products. We also disliked the fact that expen$ive printer would require a computer permanently attached to it.

Technology: It came quickly clear to us that the printer should feature the  latest refinements in terms of  technology or design concepts: e.g. closed cabinet, dual extruders (one being used for soluble material), thermostated build plate, etc.

The order for a Makerbot Replicator 2x was placed directly to Makerbot via their website. We faced minor issues related to some inappropriate information on Makerbot web site, but the first contacts with the support team were very encouraging. Then we had to wait for eight loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong lasting weeks! And then it came!


We were surprised about its very compact size and the easiness of the set up. The first prints where just bluffing, amongst them the spring bracelet! And then quickly came the time for trying more complex prints and the beginning of  experimentation, as printed on the box!


Tips and tricks to come in next posts!

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