Hello 2014, good bye 2013

All my greetings go to the community of inventors, designers, developers and their sponsors. Arduinoos blog is a wonderful place for observing this fast pacing community and the awesomeness of its production. Taking the now very popular PlainDSP (Digital Signal Processing) library, I am amazed by the range of applications of its functions: arts, environment, entertainment, power saving, neuro science, valves control, health care, rotating machine diagnostics, advertisement… the list is non exhaustive and includes one of our favorite: recognize cat’s meow for opening its flap!

New deal for new paradigms. In the 30’s, the new deal was enforced by the heads of state, while the pending new deal I am talking about emerges from a still fuzzy be already real and active community. Internet deserves most of the credit for the growth of the community allowing massive exchange of information, data, code and schematics as well as a prolific mix of dreams and ideas. This phenomenon would be sterile without a wave of magic wand from the fairy serendipity! This virtual community takes shape thanks to the numerous local initiatives such as the Fablabs, Hackerspace, Makerspaces, Co-working spaces, etc.

Let’ look at what will happen at arduinoos in 2014 !

Firstly, the arduino team told me that they were a little bit puzzled with the name of this blog. Although, there was no disloyal intention from my side, I understand that the name may be questionable from a legal point of view. So that we made a deal which will lead in a smooth shift to a new name.

Second, arduinoos will be the launch pad for a collection of very innovative products, awaited by many for so many applications. The patience of those who agreed to wait for a little time shall be rewarded by a special discount on their first order.

And last and not least, HL2 group has been created to care about advanced requests for fast prototyping for innovative and fully qualified/certified/validated products. HL2 group is “big enough to make it, small enough to care about it!”.


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