Flash News: versionning

Major events are pending behind the screen of Arduinoos. A major consequence is the backlog in the answers to your code request and we are very sorry for that. A minor consequence of the pending works behind arduinoos is the new namming convention for libraries and application packages that we are happy to share.

All arduinoos libraries packages WERE nammed using the following pattern:



  • XXX is a specifying suffix (e.g. DSP)
  • YYYY is the year
  • MM is the month (01 to 12)
  • DD is the day of release

All arduinoos libraries packages ARE NOW named using the following pattern:



  • XXX is a specifying suffix (e.g. DSP)
  • Number is a sequentially attributed number starting at 1 (Major version)
  • Letter is a sequentially attributed letter starting at a (Minor version)

e.g. plainDSP_1a

All minor versions belonging to the same major version shall be compatible. In other words, minor versions will contain bug corrections (if any…) and small improvements. On the other hand, major versions will contain new functions, changes in structures. Major versions may not be backward compatible.

e.g. PlainDSP_1a functions WILL BE COMPATIBLE with Plain_DSP_1z while PlainDSP_2a functions MAY NOT BE  COMPATIBLE with Plain_DSP_1z

Congratulations Cesar, you are the first recipient of the newly named packages (actually PlainPWM_1a).


This is what you got today: a zip file featuring the new naming convention (circled in red). This zip file contains a directory (circled in blue) which it self contains code, examples and documentation (circled in green).






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