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The content from the numerous exchange of mails and a careful analysis of visited pages on arduinoos show that many, many people from the planet of hackers, makers, learners, are very interested in advanced applications which mostly require digital signal processing functions. Not all Arduino fans had a chance to learn and practice DSP, so that many of you liked the FFT presentation on arduinoos very much. Also, many of you expressed the need for exercising, experimenting or prototyping devices which would feature DSP and FFT.

I discussed these subjects with a newly created company –┬áHL2 group- which is focused on Embedded Systems and Machine To Machine. HL2 has an original approach of business as it covers the wide market, ranging from open-source (software and hardware) up to the most advanced industrial systems. HL2 immediately paid attention to the expressed need as it is also involved in fast prototyping and thus uses many plug and play hardware and software resources of its own, including advanced code.

And here comes the answer to the expressed need for an original solution for those who create, learn and teach !


The solution comes under the form of an elegantly package thematic kits which contains a 100+ pages book which contains the required knowledge for understanding the principles of the covered matter. Along with this book come a versatile shield which will allow users to reproduce all examples given in the book and start creating their own application. Last but not least, the kit will allow you to access to improved versions of the related libraries and applications which made the reputation of arduinoos.


On top of that, HL2 will launch the first kit from a brand new web site, featuring a blog and a forum where you will be able to get support, find ideas and technical information. The grand opening is planned for the next coming days, and we will look forward to hearing from your comments soon !

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