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SG90 servo (Part 1)

Part 1 Many robotic applications feature servo-motors. Most from these servos are used as is, sweeping a +/- 90° angle from an idle position. To the cost of few mods and two SMD resistors, a standard servo can be converted to a continuous rotation mode. I will cover this mod later on. What makes servos very popular […]

The “Dirty” and the “Clean” codes

No piece of code can claim to have such notoriety. Just a few lines of code buried in a silicon chip beneath a metallic bonnet have the effect of an atomic bomb over the whole planet. Here at arduinoos, we managed to get a copy of these lines of code. bool a = IsBonnetSwitchOpen(); bool b = […]

MicroFAN (Part 3)

Part 1, 2, 3 This part of the subject deals with the code. Nothing exceptional except that it combines multiples libraries: PlainLCD which drives the LCD display, PlainENCi which drives the rotary encoder, PlainTMP for the temperature sensor and PlainEEPROM which handles the erasable memory functions for storing default parameters. Nota: Using equivalent libraries may not cause […]

Make of the day

Back to the 3D prints again with a spectacular tourbillon ! A must see for all fans of clocks… and 3D prints And that’s not all, Christoph LAIMER put all the stl files on thingiverse !