Trick of the day

This is a funny although very serious one: When you are looking for something very special, pretty complex such as papers on thermodynamics, astronomy, advanced electronics, etc. and you fail to find some information of interest, just insert the “arduino” word to your sequence of searched words.

From my own experience, the chances of finding the information of interest jumps to 90%.

Hum, great, just great ¬†will you say, but “what about the 10% cases when it fails ?”

Well, the information found in these “failing” cases might just strike you as it did recently. I am more and more amazed by what the people manage to get from this insignificantly slow, rough, cheap piece of glass and silicon called arduino.


Much more than just a piece of hardware and a bunch of lines of code, this is an awesome concept and the common denominator for a whole social network of makers. Long live arduino !

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