PLD (Part 1)

Part 123456

Dear arduinoos followers,

You may wonder why the production line of arduinoos went to a stall along the last weeks…

Holidays ? Well it sounds reasonable and logical, however except for a few days of leave here and there (actually in Lyon, Annecy, Saint Martin des Baleines and Val-Andre) during summer time this is not the main reason.

BTW: look at the beauty of mother nature: rainbow over the sea near the Val-Andre

Health ? No trouble, as would say a very good friend of mine “my doctor is fine !” As he does not bother with my own health.

Laziness ? Actually no, definitely no as the world of science and technologies is such a fascinating and exiting one…

So what ? Work ? Yes indeed, and HL2 group, the company that I co-founded 5 years ago, is about to release an amazing product through a Kicktarter program.

Hang on ! I will keep you posted with fresh news very soon …

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