PCBs (Part 4)

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PCBWay order review


The parcel arrived in my mail box 5 days after the order date, as announced !!! This is great news as we are all eager to get the real thing asap.

Packing (Mail):

The parcel was delivered by DHL: we know this company, I personally used their services for China. As I was asking for adjusted fare rates depending on delivery times DHL told me that they have only one delivery mode: asap !


Here comes the smart part. We all know about the importance of the first seconds in a meeting, the first words and the first attitudes. PCBWay knows its job and surprise surprise, you get some nice goodies. Well done guys 😉

Packing (Product):

As expected, the PCBs are wrapped in a vacuum sealed plastic bag. This is state of the art.

PCB inspection:

Here are a couple of pictures taken with my modest means and my very limited skills at taking pictures:

And here is a closer look at the PCB


What else can I say ? The pictures speak for them selves, delivery times are almost as short as delivery times for European based PCB companies. Taking into account the very moderate cost, this is a five star cost/quality option.

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