3D prints: Stevenson screen

Building a basic weather station today is simple and cheap thanks to specialized integrated circuits featuring temperature, humidity and pressure sensing. Up to now my favorite is the Bosh bme280; you may easily find it ready for use on small PCBs, easy to connect on any prototyping platform. Adafruit industries is selling a very convenient shield PID: 2652

Running this nice shield is really easy. However, turning it to a real weather station is another story. No need to be a professional meteorologist to guess that leaving this outdoor module “as is” will lead to inaccurate readings and rapid degradation. We just need a proper shelter, a so-called Stevenson screen. This enclosure must leave enough space to place the sensor and break the sun’s rays as well as the wind flow. Here is a proposal for a compact Stevenson screen printed in several stackable parts.

The lower stage features a stand for the shield and two screws, a hole and a grove for the signal cable and two hexagonal carvings for a pair of nuts to be used with mounting screws.

Next stages feature a Z shaped cross section

Then come a top sealed stage and the final cover stage. The air space between these two last stages acts as a thermal insulator against direct solar radiation.

 Download the STL files > here <


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