100 !

This picture illustrates my production of facial masks frames of the Easter week-end!
I never produced that many parts of the same sort using my brave old Vertex printer. So far, I experienced only 2 failures:
– 1 part was poorly printed showing gaps and lacks of filament. This problem did occur any more after a careful cleaning of the nozzle
– 1 part failed to stick properly to the bed. I readjusted the bed and this problem did not occur any more (although I do not use brim as it is not mandatory and the brim leaves sharp edges which may damage the gloves used my the medics and nurses).

After these 100 hours of printing, I checked the belts and adjusted on pulley, I cleaned the rods and applied clean grease again. That’s it.

HTH (Hope This Helps) has a double meaning this time: I really hope that theses mask help saving medics and nurses health.

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