Code requests

Most of code samples are selected portions of my own standardized (PlainXXX) libraries and (MicroXXX) applications. If you wish to get some particular code, would you please send me a mail containing a short introduction to yourself and a few words about the application which requires the requested code. The nice side of this policy is that you will get the latest version of my own (tested) code. and the more you will let me know about you and your project, the more I will be inclined to help you. This is not bigbrothering at all: this helps me to set priorities for the next projects and gives me an idea of the overall level of expertise of Arduinoos visitors.

Requests for help

I am interested in cooperative works too, for commercial and for not profit organizations. Your are kindly invited to submit your proposals by mail too.

DSP related code

PlainDSP libraries are no longer available.