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Tips and Tricks (17)

This is: For you whose neurons are aging, for you whose neurons are not impregnated yet with color coding, for you who do not want to spoil your precious memory space with data sheets content, for you who need this %$#@&£%  pin-out NOW for you who find the electronic diagrams beautiful and who line the […]

Bug of the day

While I was bringing minor changes to an existing script, I got this strange message: In file included from C:\Program Files\arduino-1.0.5\libraries\GSM/GSM3CircularBuffer.h:39, from C:\Program Files\arduino-1.0.5\libraries\GSM/GSM.h:40, from HL2_tag_controller_proto2_v5.ino:16: c:\program files\arduino-1.0.5\hardware\tools\avr\bin\../lib/gcc/avr/4.3.2/include/stddef.h:152: error: two or more data types in declaration of ‘ptrdiff_t’ The script which is 1000 lines long and it includes an RTC library (and its related SPI […]

3D Printing (Part 4)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 Arrrrrrrrggggggggggllllllllllll ! What the hell is this awful noise from the X axis stepper motor? The moving head turned to a shaking head, and the printer sounds like a bear which has been woken up before spring. For some reasons, I could not find a possible cause for this disaster […]

Serial Comm Ports for ever and ever… (Part 8)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 This post couldbe nammed at “The doc of the day”, or “The ultimate RS232 vademecum”, or “The RS323 digest”, etc. National Instrument did it in on one, clean and refined page: the  “Serial Quick Reference Guide”

Tips and Tricks (15)

Previous Tip & Trick Disassembling code! What for? Well, once you fight for speed and code efficiency, you may have to get into the ultimate human readable code: assembler. In the latest Arduino revisions, getting to here is surprisingly not so trivial. The given explanations will work for PC running XP. First of all, make […]

Tips and Tricks (14)

Previous Tip & Trick Smash the miror! Balau wrote an interesting post on “Programming Arduino Uno in pure C”. This is a pretty good starting point for those who would like to get one step further from Arduino to the whole AVR world! Here is a look and feel about blink sketch in “pure C” […]

I/O Ports (Part 5)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I recently received a mail related to some possible modifications of PlainDDS and MicroDDS. The idea from the author is to use pins from various ports. In its actual version, PlainDDS uses 6 pins from the same PORT (B, C or D). The reason is that this allows fast iterations because of the simple […]

Tips and Tricks (13)

Previous T&T Reaching the limits of Arduino… From Issue 523: Include new/delete operators to complement the existing malloc/free “Because avr-gcc only provides libc and not libc++ it doesn’t provide the new and delete operators. This means that if you want to write C++ code that uses the heap you’ll run into linker errors and […]

Tips and Tricks (12)

Previous T&T I cannot deny the fact that programming Arduino went easy when its fathers introduced the automatic reset. After building encapsulated application, who would get back to the original reset procedure? On the other hand, the auto reset is relally boaring in some applications. As soon as you plug the Arduino board onto the […]

Tips and Tricks (11)

Previous T&T This tip deals with the upload of firmware from a VB.NET application. Take the time to read the avrdude instructions manual and copy paste the following code in your application. It is presented in its minmalist form in order to be self explanatory: Private Sub UploadFirmware( _ ByVal HexFile As String, _ Optional […]