Arduino Enclosure (Part 1)

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Real life testing of Arduino based prototype often requires a minimal protection of the board and some pannels for holding buttons, connectors and displays. The box must be able to contain an Arduino board and a proto shield at the minimum, and leave some apertures for the power supply input and the USB connector.

Once again Adafruit industries proposes a smart solution for solving this problem:

Check Adafruit page here. I am curious to see the first uses of this enclosure!

And this is the solution I have been using so far, which is pretty convenient for many applications. I use a standard and cheap plastic case VD series, external dimensions: 120 x 110 x 50 mm, internal dimensions: 104 x 86 x 46 mm, price: 3.00 €.

Here is an enclosure exemple for a data logger with 4 programmable inputs, start/stop button and control led. Both the power input and USB connector sit at the back.

I am currently investigating the possibility of including a LCD and a rotary encoder on the front pannel…

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