Arduino Enclosure (Part 5)

Part 1234567

Here are some details about the data logger style enclosure that I am using for prototyping projects.

It uses the same box than the one described here, The difference is only with the front panel which has neither display nor rotary encoder. The device shall be almost exclusively remotely controlled. However, it has a push button which may be configured for reset, start/stop (in toggle mode) or other simple controls. In the same way, the led will be used in on/off mode, and may be used in flashing mode in order to tell a little bit more about the pending process. The idea behind is to the save as much power as possible in order to build stand alone devices.

To each input corresponds a 6 pins DIN connector (+ ground shield). I choose them with a different pin pattern from the audio connector in order to avoid confusions. They are pretty simple, easy to assemble; it is even possible to include few components within the male connector (e.g. Resistors bridge for automatic connector type recognition). I added and extra female banana plug in order to ground the device if necessary.

Well, that is all about it and I hope this will help some of you.

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