Memory (Part 2)

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Recent works on Arduino drove me to embark more DSP (Digital Signal Processing) functions within Arduino. But I quickly went short of RAM and tried to find an easy and cheap way to add more bytes to the 2KB from my Arduino. After a quick search on Internet, I found this paper which gave me the idea to get and try the 23K256 SRAM from MICROCHIP. For a little bit more than 1€, this chip offers 32KB (256 Bytes) that you can access in various modes through SPI. And it comes in 8 pins DIP or SOIC packages which them very convenient for prototyping. It requires very little current, so that you can feed it with the built in 3.3V from Arduino. Check the 23K256 data sheet here.

Because of my recurent need for extra memory, I decided to create a small piggyback PCB, which will be extremely easy to plugin on a breadbord like this:

Here is a closer picture from the top

… and from its (ugly) bottom

The wiring is very simple and looks like

Ardnuino ouptuts 0 to 5V commands which are attenuated to around 3V thanks to the divider bridges. Because the trigger level of Arduino is around 2.5V, the 0 to 3V level from the 23K256 does not need extra adpater. Altough this not a state of the art design, it is working very well.

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