I am getting confused about the thin line which separates the open world from the commercial world… I personally crossed this border while working on Arduino projects and building something new, which does not exist and for which I recently submitted a patent. Quite obviously, these research works have not been released on Arduinoos. However some posts contain fragments of the whole project.

Along with my recent works on various projects (I am actually running many PlainXXX libraries) , I realized that maintaining a download area containing clean, tested and commented code may involve a lot of administrative/quality oriented work. For which objective? Mine is to share some knowledge with Arduino mates, students, hobbyists, in other words with people working in non profit organizations. So that my existential question turns to:  do these (nice) people need fully featured, turnkey applications? If I recall my early web crawls on Arduino sites, the answer is no: some code were so refined that I could not get the essence of them. The same thougths apply to students: why should they find the result of their equation without spending some time to understand it ?! While I admit that learning by running code is quite an exciting experience, we will all agree on the fact the fun is with making the thing happen! If you are stuck to some place, feel free to ask for help using the comments sections. Again, the better the introduction the better the quality of the answer.

So far, I made a crucial decision about the availability of my code. Neither the libraries nor the applications shall be available from the download area with or without password. I will keep publishing fragments of this code through functions, routines or pseudo code and I will mention the library or application names to which these examples relate. So that, if someone really wants/needs to get it as CopyLeft material, he/she will have to write me a mail with a detailed description of the targeted use.

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