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For some reasons, few French geek fellows registered this blog, or sent requests for code access or sent me mail. It is quite difficult to understand this situation. French have the reputation of having a lot of ideas but little success in making their projects happen, … before some body else steels them! An other hypothesis might be the moderate offer of Arduino platforms in France: I ordered most of mine from Adafruit Industries because of the contained cost of goods and shipping + perfect follow-up.

Starting 6 of May, MECHS is now proposing Arduino standard products and some interesting clones at attractive prices.

Their site is clean and smoothly working: just what I like; the release of their blog is pending. They describe them selves as a team of high tech professional geeks. Interesting point, they offer a 5% discount to clubs and associations: Will they extend this offer to the registered users of Arduinoos?

I wish good luck to this new shop in the Open Hardware street!

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