RIGOL 1052E DSO (Part 2)

Part 123

The original intention of this post is to study how to attenuate the noise generated by the internal fan from the RIGOL 1052E DSO. Many posts report complaints from users with who I globaly agree. When I am concentrated on a tricky/puzzling/bl..dy problem, this noise is really boring me. And it is sad, because this is the only real drawback that I found after 2 years of frequent usage of this RIGOL oscilloscope. So that I tried to figure out which was the cause for this problem and tried to find a solution.

And firstly, let’s see how to put apart this equipment. Except two left-handists, every body with one single Torx screw driver and a pair of pliers can dissemble it (and reassemble it too!). Here is the procedure:

Remove the power cord from the DSO socket
Remove the on/off pushbutton by gently pulling it up

Remove the two screws which are hidden by the top handle

Remove the two visible bottom screw

Make a decision for breaking or not the warranty seal…
Pull the back cover. The preeminent plastic part around the power cord socket which may create some resistance. Do not remove the screws from the power cord socket!

Once opened, remove the two retaining screws next to serial communication port

Gently pull the metallic back cover which is just clipped onto the shield

Remove the two screws from the top panel and remove it.

Here we are. This DSO design is neat and simple, no tricks no traps to fall in. Reassembling it is even easier.

Let’s go back to my original intentions. The fan is firmly tight to the side panel with four screws. I tried multiple options, including installing a ‘low noise’ 8×8 cm fan blower as advised in other posts: blha, there are noisier than the 6×6 cm original fan… Inserting rubber rings does not help too. From my recent knowledge on vibrations, floating rotating device will emit even more harmonics than if the are bound to a more massive body. And the gap changes the air flow in way which generates other types of low frequency sounds. Finally I compared the noise generated by the fan in place and out place. The little improvement drove me to decide to modify the protection grid from the side panel by simply cutting some ribs, keep few of them in order to keep some rigidity (keeping in mind that a tightly bolt fan will keep this part strong enough).

I may get a chance find an ultra low noise 6×6 cm fan. In between I have the option to listen to loud music or wear ear noise plugs!


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  1. eduardr says:

    Thanks for the guide!

    I had a hard time with the power button and getting the plastic cover over the screws.

    First the power button –

    I pulled up pretty hard but it wouldn’t come off. Finally I followed the instructions from http://amichalec.net/2011/03/rigol-ds1052e-silenced/ and put a long thing metal pudger through a whole in the top of the case and levered the button upward. It was jammed on pretty tight!

    Second, getting the outer plastic cover off –

    I found it impossible to slide cover over the power socket screws without breaking the whole unit or throwing it out the window. Had to do the following steps:

    * Unscrew the power socket screws, even though the article says not to. The screw nuts on the other side are loose, so I had to keep unscrewing at different angles and with the screws upside down as well, until they finally came loose

    * Remove the plastic cover and then remove (and discard or save somewhere) the grey plastic bracket underneath the plastic cover around the power socket area. This bracket looks like it was put in place to prevent users from opening the cover, and serves no other purpose that I could see

    * Remove the metal cover

    * Locate the loose nuts by shaking the unit gently at different angles until they fell out

    * Reassemble the loose nuts (with the attached spacers facing the cover) and screws on the power socket. The cover can now slide over the screws with no problem, since the grey plastic bracket is no longer in the way. And future opening and closing will be very easy.

    • Didier says:

      Many thanks for the instructive feed back and the interesting link.
      I must honestly say that I did remove these two @#$x&%!£ screws and shook the unit hard to get them back 😉 And finally release that it was unnecessary :-s

  2. eduardr says:

    Also I’ve got a couple of low noise (hopefully) 60mm fans on the way to try out, a NoiseBlocker and a SilenX, one that does about 12cfm and one 16cfm or so, to see which one is quieter. Hopefully that will make some difference. Personally I’m not planning to cut out my fan grille.

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