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FIR Filters (Part 2)

Part 1, 2, 3 Time for experiments! This serie of illustrations examplify the use of FIR. They are a taken from my own, undisclosed, Panorama software which contains a whole bunch of DSP functions, including FIR filter design and FIR filtering. Unless specified, we shall use the following parameters: Filter length: 61 (60th Order) Sampling frequency: 1 kHz […]

xxx2DIL adapters (part 3)

Previous post on same subject As usual, I was looking for something different when I found commercial products on Farnell web site. Take this MSOP8 to DIL8 adapter as an example, Description : Hole Diameter:1mm External Height:10.4mm External Width:16.2mm Board Thickness:1.5mm Board Material:FR4 Epoxy Glass Connector Type:MSOP-8 Copper Coating Density:chem. Au 0.08 – 0.1 µm […]

FIR Filters (Part 1)

Part 1, 2, 3 FIR filters (Finite Impulse Response) Filters are one of two primary types of digital filters used in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications, the other type being IIR (Inifinite Impulse Response). Many papers cover the theory from FIR and IIR filters, from which we will retain an important aspect: they are quite […]

xxx2DIL adapters (part 2)

Previous post on same subject Here is the latest production from Arduinoos Industries (!): the µMax2DIL10 adpater! I thought it would be harder than that. The result is quite neat. Same picture with a DS1394 in place: The final cute cut: And it works! Note that it is a good idea to check shorts and […]

xxx2DIL adapters (Part 1)

Soldering sub DIL chips, leg by leg can be dangerous. Not only because you breathe soldering material fumes (Hum, no fumes extractor yet at home :-. ) but also because you may burn your nose (Yes, I did that, it hurts :-] ). So this is a picture of my last attempt to to this […]

Next steps

Arduinoos is moving! The idea is to settle in a real domain ( and to benefit from high grade hosting services ( The move will happen quietly during summer time. So far, the email address has changed to The former address will still be effective for a couple of month. Finally, I did not […]