The French parott box

From the French news paper La Croix, today

“The Parrot company has become known to the general public, a year ago, after releasing a little helicopter named AR Drone which is remotely controlled by mobile phones. “We’ve already sold 200 000 in the world,” says the director Henri Seydoux. A great success for Parrot, a specialist in communicating objects, created eighteen years ago. The company is primarily the world’s leading in car phone technology: its products are installed in Audi, Peugeot and Hyundai cars. More recently Parrot has developed speakers that can plug to a smartphone and stream music stored in memory.

All these objects come from an R&D team of 253 engineers working in a start-up like environment, on the banks of the canal of the Ourq in Paris. In these labs, innovation is in the genetic code of the company. Henri Seydoux spends 10 to 12% of sales in R&D. Parrot, founded with the help of venture capital, is now publicly available. It employs 572 people and makes 241 million Euros in annual sales. “For technology products, the market is instantly worldwide,” insists the director of the company.

Son of Jerome Seydoux, the president of Pathe, Henry was not necessarily programmed to lead a technology company. Except that … “In my heart, I am an entrepreneur since adolescence. I wrote the school newspaper, I invented games for the fair of the school … “. But soon angry with the school system, this self-made man learned how to program on his own, with the help of books.”The scientific literature is often as beautiful as poetry. And you have to turn its drawbacks in goodies. I had no choice: either create a company that works or get bitter for ever … ”
Translation by DL

Working in close cooperation with its research and development teams, Henri Seydoux believes in intuition and perseverance. His rule: “Stay leader in its field and make new proposals. To do this, you also need a piece of chance, “he said. The small AR Drone has been released after seven years of research. Henri Seydoux started with the design of a small remote-controlled car, before paying interest to the flying machine. With the success that we know. ”

Three comments from my side:
First, it is easier to be a self made man and find your own learning path when dad pays the bills
Second, I hope that the New York authorities will not ban the Parrot alike they did for the Concorde.
Three, “Quadcopter” is the most searched keywords on Arduinoos! “Arduino enclosure” comes next, with ten times less hits!

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