All the published material from this blog is provided as is, without any waranty or support. For preventing misunderstanding and unpleasant comments, I removed all references to Arduinoos code downloads, since my policy is now based on code request: please check the “Code request” tab from the home page.

The aim of this strategy is to provide fit for purpose solutions. This is also the reason why I am asking for some information regarding your background and domain of interest in order to help you and to prioritize next projects.

It may take a little time before I answer to your mails: I deserve spare time and holidays too!

I will be very pleased if some of you may request professionnal services comprising, the list is not exhaustive: fully featured code (including code, documentation and validation templates), support contracts, training, marketing support, etc. So far, two projects of this kind are pending… Who’s next?

By the way, thanks for the numerous kind mails that I received so far.

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