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Cool Stuff of the Day

Cardboard Record Personal Turntable by GGRP Sound! Back to the Teppaz (Frenchy joke!)

Tips and Tricks (15)

Previous Tip & Trick Disassembling code! What for? Well, once you fight for speed and code efficiency, you may have to get into the ultimate human readable code: assembler. In the latest Arduino revisions, getting to here is surprisingly not so trivial. The given explanations will work for PC running XP. First of all, make […]

Who are you?

First of all, thank’s to all code requesters who kindly agreed to send some information regarding their main occupation, hobbies, open source projects and … place of living. Along with this new blog, I installed the latest version of Counterize which is far better than the previous version and helps understanding who is visting Arduinoos and what […]

New Home for Arduinoos

Arduinoos has a new host! Plenty space, professionnal services, many aspects which should help concentrating on Arduinoos content and not fighting with the bl%*#§& limitations of my home ISP. Mail is up and running again and I already got a request for MicroELFEMF from Stanford (Hi Nic!) Enjoy!

Arduinoos is moving

Arduinoos is in the process of moving during this week-end. I kindly ask you to forgive the inconveniences related to this major change and hope that the new hosting will give much more flexibility and reliability in the adminstration and use of this Blog. You may experience some mail issues over the week-end. Please retry […]


This is what happens when you play with fire! While preparing the next Arduino workshop for the “Les petits débrouillards”, I assembled MicroTLT (micro tilt meter) on a bread board and decided to use an Arduino Nano in order to constrain the size of the demo prototype. Too bad, while measuring voltages, one of my […]

STMicroelectronics goes Arduino!

While many, not to say most, white collars from the electronics industry tend to have a condescendant glance at Arduino, some people are convinced that Arduino, alike Lego is on an other hand, a serious play for professionals. STMicroelectronics goes one step further and started an ambitious program which goal is to give any person […]

eMail up and running again

What else to say… This was a mistake from OVH. The eMail that you sent during the last three weeks probably failed to get to me. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Internet issues

Sorry folks! After a server crash from my – less than reliable – Internet access provider, nammely -which is not free – I realize that I am facing an eMail redirection problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am working on that.


New kid in programming town! Blockly is a fancy way of programming. It is based on a colorfull and intuitive interface. Commands and functions are represented as puzzle pieces which will mechanically fit together, instead of bothering with logical combinations. You can exercize your programming skills on solving the way out of a simple maze. […]