STMicroelectronics goes Arduino!

While many, not to say most, white collars from the electronics industry tend to have a condescendant glance at Arduino, some people are convinced that Arduino, alike Lego is on an other hand, a serious play for professionals.

STMicroelectronics goes one step further and started an ambitious program which goal is to give any person to put its hands on one of its most exciting products, namely the ST32 that uses the ARM technonolgy. The particpants from the seminar that I attended yesterday in Paris received this fancy board (and a wrappable shield) in order to exercize the Keil ┬ÁVision suite and manage to blink a led!

This board is powered by a ST32 F0 (entry point to this familly of processors), 32-bit, using an ARM Cortex architecture of type M0 (again, entry point to ARM architectures, which goes up to M4).

It takes a little bit longer than with an Arduino baord to start blinking a led and it requires quite some understanding in code writing (C++) and application building. However, using the ST32 F0 will give any skilfull developper a much broader range of applications that will run at the speed of sound. In addition, the ARM architecture integrates from scratch an incredibly powerfull debugging tool (the upper half of the evaluation board contains the debugging driver)

Many libraries come free, including RTOS (Real Time Operating System) which will please the movers of refined code and applications.

And the good news is that ST is really paying attention to the development of the Arduino world and would surely contribute to it in the next months.

More to come once I have a little time to spend on getting deeper in this product…

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