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From  , a French news paper dedicated to economical, financial information:

Open data : (French) Government could resign from giving free access to public data. results from a governmental initiative and was launched in December 2011. After few hundred thousands data bases made available to all, the program is in stand by. The bad economy drives people like Olivier Schrameck, a state consultant, to suggest to stop granting free access to public data. More than this, it might be possible to reconsider which data should be made public or not, and under which cost conditions.

Le Echos reports an interview from Gilles Babinet, founder of  Captain Dash and former president of the “Conseil national du numérique” who says that this is bad news for start-ups who are expecting a lot from these public data. And I fully agree with this statement.

From my side, I see this as a major contradiction. Imagine that you are in charge of a country where most people have trouble reading books. Would you ask them to pay for the books in order to help them reading? I am also very surprised that this government would restrict access to data by toll, in the name of the economical efficiency…  And after all, last but not least, who paid for this information? Me, part of many who pay taxes.

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