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Counterize is a very effective WordPress Plugin which helps me understanding Arduinoos visitors interest in order prioritize my posts. Among the statistics from Counterize, blog owners can visualize the “Most seen referring domains”, in other words, the place from where their visitors come from, mostly.

And at the top of Arduinoo’s list, far away from any other is…, with about 80%. Google comes next, and the third top referrer is, with less than 1%.

Beyond the cold nature of these figures lies the undisputed success of Arduino concept (In hardware, software and business model domains). Think about it: no, … no arduino world, no shields, no blogs, no thousand awesome applications, … no Arduinoos! Arduino has become such a synonym of the new, the creative, that appending “arduino” to any keywords while searching any high tech information will lead you to the most up to-date hardware, software or applications. Try it! Adopt it!

For my part, it is time at last to pay my warmhearted tribute to Arduino leading team, through the expression of my sincere gratitude.


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  1. mike31416 says:

    I second that! The open source/open hardware/maker mentality has given many people the opportunity to advance technically and socially.

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