Power Supplies (Part 1)

As long as you want to blink leds, everything’s fine with the power supplied by the USB cable. Here is a nice clean shield which could help you in fulfilling most power supply requirements.



The input voltage must lie in the 4.5 et 35 V range, and its output swings from 1.25 to 12V under 3A. It features a simple switcher Power Converter 150kHz, 3A Step-Down VRegulator [Datasheet]. The power supply output can be redirected to the blue terminal or to the Vin pin from the Arduino board to which it is connected. The power supply can be controlled by digital pin 13 and also redirected to Analog pin 0 for voltage control. Clever. And it is affordable: less than 20€ as far as I can read from some vendors.


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