April fool ! Really ?

I cannot resist to the temptation of reproducing this letter that I picked up from the blog of a veteran analog guru, fan of oscilloscopes and vintage electronics.



I was just a project in the sparkling eyes of my parents at the time this letter was written, and I understand that computers where far from the short term preoccupations of Bill and Dave. What’s incredible is that “02” (nickname of the “computer” division at the time I joined HP) overlapped, not to say vampirized, the whole company which was “01” mainly for years (“01” was the “measure” division). I am not sure neither Bill nor Dave were big fans of computers, except for those who were designed for driving their ultimate measuring devices.

I got a chance to get to Page Mill road while I was working at the “Analytical Chemistry Division” (“04”). Actually I missed my way on the first time I visited SID (Scientific Instruments Division), one road ahead in California Avenue! These times are long gone now, memories remain: the smell of hot insulation material, the hiss of crashing hard disk drives, the crackling of short circuits… That reminds me of the b….y A26, (in)famous switching controller board which could blow up the whole boards from the first micro controlled gas chromatograph from HP. Oh noooooooooo. That happened to best of us!

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