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Tips and Tricks (Part 21)

Previous T&T Convert numerical values in strings of characters. Converting numerical values into strings of characters is easy as far as Serial functions is concerned . However you  may face one day or another the need for converting a numerical value for insertion within an existing string of characters (e.g. LCD, commands sent through SPI, etc.). Here is […]

Arduino on French/German TV

Arduino on French (and German) TV, Arte channel: watch the Future program and enjoy! Here are a few ideas that I picked up in the presentation: Floriane: “It is fun when it works!” David Cuartielles: Has fun discovering that the makers are ahead of his own imagination It is good to see Arduino entering the conventional education […]

News from the Plain DSP planet

You may like read this interesting paper dedicated to the use of the different types of memory available from an Arduino Board . Next is a picture from a cousin microcontroller of the ATMEGA328, which illustrates the various areas dedicated to each main function of the microcontroller such as the memories. Credit: ZeptoBars HTH

Stepper Motors (Part 4)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Speed management As seen in the previous posts,torques must be taken into account while setting the rotor speed during the acceleration, steady and deceleration phases. Starting from there, we have two options: the theoretical and the experimental approaches. Although playing with physics and maths might be fun, it […]