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Video of the Day

I was still a kid when JFK announced that he wanted an american to walk on the moon. At this time I was reading the adventures written by Jules VERNES and the moon was still this strange disc up in the night sky, intangible and mysterious. “Arrivée Projectile DTAL ” by François Pannemaker, engraveur ; Henri de Montaut, drawer. Although I […]

Poster of the Day

Although the situation looks critical, it looks like each of the passengers is finding a way to get out of the sinking boat. Everybody’s free to interpret this poster to his taste: Did the boat broke down due to the lack of communication and synergy? Is it an apology of “every man for himself”? Lost for […]

An easy way to print multiple variables

The Serial.print() function is a nice way to print on the serial monitor but it is a bit frustrating to have to type something like : Serial.print(“Hello, I’m “); Serial.print(myName); Serial.print(“and I’m “); Serial.print(myAge); Serial.println(” years old.”); Serial.print(“I live in “); Serial.print(myCountry); Serial.print(“, my hobbies are :”) Serial.print(myArduinoHobbies); //… It could be a good idea to […]

Cry of the day

Cabu, the “father” of the “grand Duduche” has been murdered in Paris today along with three cartoonists and seven other persons.