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I was still a kid when JFK announced that he wanted an american to walk on the moon. At this time I was reading the adventures written by Jules VERNES and the moon was still this strange disc up in the night sky, intangible and mysterious.


“Arrivée Projectile DTAL ” by François Pannemaker, engraveur ; Henri de Montaut, drawer.

Although I had a weak idea about what was going on around the world, I was impressed by this young American President to whom nothing seemed impossible. Few years later, in the middle of a summer camp, the director called everybody and invited us to see the TV program on the small portable B&W receiver that he managed to get and plug on the battery of his car: Neil ARMSTRONG was walking on the moon! Some times later, Pink floyd then released “The dark Side of the Moon” and the Apollo program came to an end.

What was implicit to the strategists became more and more clear to the public: the lunar program led to the development of safety-critical systems and the practice of software engineering to program those systems. Much of this knowledge was issued from the Apollo program  and formed the basis of modern computing.

Next video brightly illustrates the boosting effect of the space programs on electronics. The author could have named it: “Form Gemini to Arduino” ! Enjoy


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