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Bug Of The Day

And this is a strong one! We are using quite many UNO platforms for fast prototyping. In spite of their relative high price, we always bought boards from Arduino, not because we fear the ‘hall of shame’, but because we understand that that buying these boards contributes to the business model of the Arduino team and […]

Message of the day

Too bad, the NC6000 Compaq laptop that I bought 10 years ago for my wife passed away. The reflow of the Maxim Dallas Power Supply supervisor chip worked for 2 years and no more! As i had no time to spend on fixing this problem again, we went to the mall next door and bought a new […]

Publication of the day

I am very glad to announce the first official publication involving the PlainDSP kit and the team behind the scene. We also congratulate Kostas and his team for designing such an awesome detector. Although PlainDSP kits can be used in the context of ludic applications, it provides all the means necessary for the design of much […]