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Too bad, the NC6000 Compaq laptop that I bought 10 years ago for my wife passed away. The reflow of the Maxim Dallas Power Supply supervisor chip worked for 2 years and no more! As i had no time to spend on fixing this problem again, we went to the mall next door and bought a new laptop from HP, fitted with Windows 8 (blah, no way to downgrade this PC to Windows 7).

As I am a kind person and unfamiliar with rude language, I will skip the description of the multiple attempts of HP, Microsoft and others to make you fall in one of their marketing pitfalls. No thanks, I am not interested in bulshit, I just want to run my computer and do not want to be bothered by mirific offers. Anyway, one message struck me hard during the preparation of my account: “Nous nous occupons de certains points”, full screen and flashing coloured background. This sentence translates to “We care about certain aspects”!

“We care”: who is “we”? I thought that the operating system was responsible for setting user account parameters! This “we” may mean that there is a force task within the operating system? Or does this means that someone, somewhere cares about tweaking my account? NSA or something?

“Certain aspects”: Which aspects? Aspects that i am so stupid that I cannot understand? Or aspects that I foresee so well that they are disguised? Is there a log for “certain aspects” somewhere in windows 8? Shall we get support for “certain aspects”? How come someone be so vague at setting my own private account. Do not worry young man, “We care”. Oh good, I feel fine.

Not at all. I just hate that.


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