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Gamer Assembly 2015

Welcome to the Gamer Assembly 2015 in Poitiers / France! Quai Lab was in charge of leading the Maker Space. We invited various contributors to the word of open source, open hardware and open knowledge. Here are a few snapshots from the grand opening of the gamer by Désiré KOUSSAWO: Quai Lab is on stage with Sébastien […]

Drive the Small Cox

We will be happy to welcome you at the Maker Space within the Gamer Assembly in Poitiers next week-end. Next is the command pad which will give you a chance to drive the sound driven robot!  

Meet us at the Gamer Assembly

HL2 group is now the team behind Arduinoos. We are very much involved in the development of local and national initiatives in the world of open data, open software and open hardware. The team co-funded QuaiLab a very active FabLab which has been selected for managing a Maker Assembly aside the now famous Gamer Assy. So, you […]