Meet us at the Gamer Assembly

HL2 group is now the team behind Arduinoos. We are very much involved in the development of local and national initiatives in the world of open data, open software and open hardware. The team co-funded QuaiLab a very active FabLab which has been selected for managing a Maker Assembly aside the now famous Gamer Assy.


So, you are mostly invited to …


… at the Gamer Assy.

This amazing small robot has been extrapolated from an idea raised at QuaiLab, featuring an Arduino UNO, PlainDSP, a pair or servo-motors, a printed frame, two o’rings and a bunch of screws! The robot is driven by tones generated by a cell phone, or by instructions from Arduino IDE console and it can record and replay the recorded path. A detailed description of this project will come soon after the show.



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