Malware of the day

I used Filezilla happily for years until the last few days. For still uncertain reasons, the latest revision of FileZilla comes corrupted. While Filezilla used to propose frequent updates, I paid a light attention to the latest upgrade process, up to the point when additional screens intrigued me. As I also noticed that a “Source Forge” shortcut had beed installed on my desk I immediately canceled the installation and went on the Internet for some information. Too bad, my assumptions seem to be real : something wrong is happening with Filezilla. As I needed an FTP client badly, I tried to install a previous version of Filezilla but the application failed to work properly. Ooooooops. Time to perform a strong clean up !

Time also to find an alternative. A quick search on the Internet brought me a couple of freeware applications among which I choose the simple and already efficient “Core FTP LE/Lite” application. The look and feel is very close from FileZilla, it misses some refinements, but who cares about refinements from an application which brings malware to your computer ?

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