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Engine RPM (Part 5)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 The last two posts explained how to check whether the speed of a rotating object agreed with a predefined value or not. To the cost of an additional optical sensor and a display, we may now measure any rotating speed still without contacts between the moving object and the […]

Unwanted pop ups: I should have read the terms of use…

Well, in a sense, I should have read all the terms of use from the “sweetCAPTCHA” plugin. “5.2 You acknowledge that within the sweetCAPTCHA service and/or sweetCAPTCHA API, There might be included 3rd party content which will be displayed for the purpose of user interaction. This content might include but will not be limited to […]

Unwanted pop ups: sorry for the inconvenience

I am very sorry for the inconvenience  caused by unwanted pop ups happening while visiting this blog. I understand that some plugins are responsible for that and I am currently tracking the faulty one. A s consequence of this case, I had to deactivate all plugins thus the ugly look of most posts. Any help will be appreciated […]

0.56″ 7-Segment Backpack (Part 1)

As far as the development of interactive applications is concerned there always is a need for displaying information in a human readable format.. Let’s start with a quick and dirty review of the available options with Arduino. * e.g. digital pin 13 LED ! ** If you are from the navy *** Consider buying a backpack which […]

PlainDSP plotter

PlainDSP plotter or From figures to pictures Thanks to a small yet powerful piece of Processing code which plugs immediately with PlainDSP library example sketches (wave plotter and spectrum plotter). More on this application on plaindsp web site

Engine RPM (Part 4)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 In this version of the arduino stroboscope, the standard micros() function is no longer used. Instead timer 1, an accurate 16 bits counter shall be exclusively used. As a consequence of the disabled timer 0 and timer 2, no interrupts will bother the output signal except the timer 1 […]