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Tips and tricks (Part 24)

Previous T&T In the same way that Google search engine is a standard de facto, its approach to programming may seriously be regarded as a standard too. Arduino fans may know or not that the IDE uses a C++ like language and may check what Google,  now grown up to Alphabet as a company, is saying […]

Connecting AVRISP to Arduino (Part 4)

Part 1, 2, 3, 4 Here is a more comprehensive description of the procedure that one should follow in order to be able to use the AVRISP MKII programmer in a mixed IDE environment without too much trouble 😉 The proposed procedure is a mix of the early procedure described in arduinoos and a good description of the […]

Range finder (Part 2)

Part 1, 2 As in most arduinoos posts, the examples given here differ from what is usually seen and read in terms of  code efficiency  and ruggedness of applications. Early tests performed on the HC-SR04 module proved its easiness of setup and interesting results obtained from scratch. However things are changing when accuracy is concerned and headaches […]