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This one made my own day 😉 XKCD

And this specific board is so interesting:

Circuit Diagram

Have you noticed the “Arduino, just for blog cred. ? I often give the advise to the people who are looking for high tech, brand new, amazingly awesome stuff to add the “arduino” word to their google search. This board is a perfect illustration of the concept behind… It also illustrates the fact that the Internet is full with messy, nonsense and rubbish stuff too!


  1. LeandroM says:

    Nice game!love the Back to the future citation and the “arduino, just for blog cred.”… I feel pity for batman and the squirrel… lots of great jokes…
    So how’s it going? posting soon? waiting anxious 🙂

    Good days!!

    • Didier says:

      Pitty for the poor arduinoos master !
      Next posts will be a subtle mix of temperature measurements, PID and human interface upgrades, resulting in the ultimate version of MicroHTR which works like a charm.

      • LeandroM says:

        didn’t see you there… maybe at the arena? 🙂
        I’ve seen the first post, did you develop the whole 3D printing system? great reference if I am ever to work with temperature correction…
        I’ll keep reading, take care

  2. Didier says:

    We bought one the very early Makerbot 2X “experimental” printers. And I went straight the hard way printing ABS because of the specifications of the parts to build. We faced few technical problems which were solved with the help of the support team and many more printing problems that we solved one by one after applying some tricks and tweaks. So that we currently achieve a 95% success ratio when printing a part of moderate size (say 15x10x5 cm). Part of the tweaks is the temperature control of the printing chamber.

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