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Recent news struck some deep thoughts which have been rambling on my mind for a long time. A new tycoon announces that he will join the the gozinerous section from the gozillionaires club. That is great.

And I mean it. Spending money on education, welfare, better life is indisputably knowledgeable.

What questions me is the model. Consume petawatts of power dissipated in the blue sky (for what ?) and then care about the little birds, drill in people minds and then care about their education (did you read 1984 lately ?), benefit from infrastructures and spend $$$ in financial consultancy for not paying taxes. Is this this the model ?

Silently, many, many other highly knowledgeable entrepreneurs run their business with a day to day concern for environment, education and public needs. From the beginning. I prefer this model.

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